Release Notes v0.13.1.0

Dash Core version

Release is now available from:

This is a new minor version release, bringing various bugfixes and other improvements.

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github:

Upgrading and downgrading

How to Upgrade

If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then run the installer (on Windows) or just copy over /Applications/Dash-Qt (on Mac) or dashd/dash-qt (on Linux). If you upgrade after DIP0003 activation you will have to reindex (start with -reindex-chainstate or -reindex) to make sure your wallet has all the new data synced (only if you were using version < 0.13).

Note that there is no protocol bump in this version and thus active masternodes updating from v0.13.0.0 do not require any additional actions (no need to issue masternode start command).

Downgrade warning

Downgrade to a version <

Downgrading to a version smaller than 0.13 is only supported as long as DIP2/DIP3 has not been activated. Activation will happen when enough miners signal compatibility through a BIP9 (bit 3) deployment.

Downgrade to

Downgrading to is fully supported but is not recommended unless you have some serious issues with

Notable changes

DIP0003 block signaling

Miners running v0.13.1.0 are going to signal DIP3 regardles of the readiness of the corresponding masternode. With 70%+ masternodes already running on v0.13.0.0 we believe it's safe to slightly speed up the migration this way. This is fully backwards compatible and no update is required for (non-mining) nodes running on v0.13.0.0.

GUI changes

Masternodes tab has a new checkbox that should filter masternode list by using keys stored in the wallet. This should make it much easier for masternode owners to find their masternodes in the list.

RPC changes

There is a new RPC command getspecialtxes which returns an array of special transactions found in the specified block with different level of verbosity. Also, various protx commands show extended help text for each parameter now (instead of referencing protx register).

Bug fixes/Other improvements

There are few bug fixes in this release:

  • Block size should be calculated correctly for blocks with quorum commitments when constructing new block;
  • Special transactions should be checked for mempool acceptance at the right time (nodes could ban each other in some rare cases otherwise);
  • Signature verification and processing of special transactions is decoupled to avoid any potential issues. Change log

See detailed set of changes.


  • da5a861c0 Change the way invalid ProTxes are handled in addUnchecked and existsProviderTxConflict (#2691)
  • 6ada90c11 Call existsProviderTxConflict after CheckSpecialTx (#2690)
  • 23eb70cb7 Add getspecialtxes rpc (#2668)
  • 023f8a01a Fix bench log for payee and special txes (#2678)
  • 8961a6acc Stop checking MN protocol version before signalling DIP3 (#2684)
  • e18916386 Add missing help text for operatorPayoutAddress (#2679)
  • 0d8cc0761 Invoke CheckSpecialTx after all normal TX checks have passed (#2673)
  • 592210daf Bump block stats when adding commitment tx into block (#2654)
  • 070ad103f Wait for script checks to finish before messing with txes in Dash-specific way (#2652)
  • 3a3586d5a Use helper function to produce help text for params of protx rpcs (#2649)
  • 332e0361c Add checkbox to show only masternodes the wallet has keys for (#2627)



Thanks to everyone who directly contributed to this release:

  • Alexander Block
  • UdjinM6

As well as everyone that submitted issues and reviewed pull requests.

Older releases

Dash was previously known as Darkcoin.

Darkcoin tree 0.8.x was a fork of Litecoin tree 0.8, original name was XCoin which was first released on Jan/18/2014.

Darkcoin tree 0.9.x was the open source implementation of masternodes based on the 0.8.x tree and was first released on Mar/13/2014.

Darkcoin tree 0.10.x used to be the closed source implementation of Darksend which was released open source on Sep/25/2014.

Dash Core tree 0.11.x was a fork of Bitcoin Core tree 0.9, Darkcoin was rebranded to Dash.

Dash Core tree 0.12.0.x was a fork of Bitcoin Core tree 0.10.

Dash Core tree 0.12.1.x was a fork of Bitcoin Core tree 0.12.

These release are considered obsolete. Old release notes can be found here: