Release Notes v0.13.0.0

Dash Core version

Release is now available from:

This is a new major version release, bringing new features, various bugfixes and other improvements.

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github:

Upgrading and downgrading

How to Upgrade

If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then run the installer (on Windows) or just copy over /Applications/Dash-Qt (on Mac) or dashd/dash-qt (on Linux). If you upgrade after DIP0003 activation you will have to reindex (start with -reindex-chainstate or -reindex) to make sure your wallet has all the new data synced.

Downgrade warning

Downgrade to a version <

Downgrading to a version smaller than 0.13 is only supported as long as DIP2/DIP3 has not been activated. Activation will happen when enough miners signal compatibility through a BIP9 (bit 3) deployment.

Notable changes

DIP0002 - Special Transactions

Currently, new features and consensus mechanisms have to be implemented on top of the restrictions imposed by the simple nature of transactions. Since classical transactions can only carry inputs and outputs, they are most useful for financial transactions (i.e. transfers of quantities of Dash between addresses on the distributed ledger). These inputs and outputs carry scripts and signatures which are used to authorize and validate the transaction.

To implement new on-chain features and consensus mechanisms which do not fit into this concept of financial transactions, it is often necessary to misuse the inputs/outputs and their corresponding scripts to add additional data and meaning to a transaction. For example, new opcodes would have to be introduced to mark a transaction as something special and add a payload. In other cases, OP_RETURN has been misused to store data on-chain.

The introduction of special transactions will require the whole Dash ecosystem to perform a one-time mandatory update of all the software and libraries involved. Software and libraries will have to be changed so that they can differentiate between classical transactions and special transactions. Deserialization of a classical transaction remains unchanged. Deserialization of a special transaction requires the software/library to at least implement skipping and ignoring the extra_payload field. Validation and processing of the inputs and outputs of a special transaction must remain identical to classical transactions.

Read more:

DIP0003 - Deterministic Masternode Lists

This DIP provides on-chain consensus for masternode lists that in turn allow for deterministic quorum derivation and service scoring of masternode rewards.

In the previous system, each node maintained its own individual masternode list. Masternodes gained entry to that masternode list after the owner created a 1000 Dash UTXO and the masternode broadcast a "masternode broadcast/announcement" P2P message. This in turn set the masternode to a PRE_ENABLED state in the list maintained by each node. Masternodes then regularly broadcasted ping messages to keep the masternode in ENABLED state.

The previous system was maintained with consensus mechanisms that predated Satoshi Nakamoto’s solution to the Byzantine Generals Problem. This meant that each node needed to maintain their own individual masternode list with P2P messages and not a blockchain based solution. Due to the nature of the P2P system, there was no guarantee that nodes would come to the same conclusion on what the masternode list ought to look like. Discrepancies might, for example, occur due to a different order of message reception or if messages had not been received at all. This posed some risks in regard to consensus and limited the possible uses of quorums by the system.

Additionally, the previous system required a complicated and failure prone "masternode sync" after the initial startup of the node. After the blockchain was synced, the node would request the current masternode list, the reward payment votes, and then verify the received list. This process tended to take an unnecessarily long amount of time and sometimes resulted in failure.

In the new system, the masternode list is derived entirely from information found on-chain. New masternodes are added by new special transactions called Provider Registration Transactions (abbreviated as ProRegTx). They are only removed by spending the collateral. A ProRegTx is a special transaction which includes either a 1000-Dash collateral payment or a reference to it, along with other payload information (DIP0002).

The new system is going to be activated via combination of a BIP9-like deployment (bit 3) and new spork (SPORK_15_DETERMINISTIC_MNS_ENABLED).

Read more: Upgrade instructions:

DIP0004 - Simplified Verification of Deterministic Masternode Lists

A verifiable and correct masternode list is foundational to many Dash features, including verification of an InstantSend transaction, mixing in PrivateSend and many features of Evolution. The deterministic masternode lists introduced by DIP0003 enable full derivation and verification of a masternode list via on-chain data. This, however, requires the full chain to be available to construct or verify this list. A SPV client does not have the full chain and thus would have to rely on a list provided by one or more nodes in the network. This provided list must be verifiable by the SPV client without needing the full chain. This DIP proposes additions to the block’s coinbase transaction and new P2P messages to get and update a masternode list with additional proof data.

Read more:


Please note that masternode payments in getblocktemplate rpc are now returned as an array and not as a single object anymore. Make sure to apply corresponding changes to your pool software.

Also, deterministic masternodes can now set their payout address to a P2SH address. The most common use case for P2SH is multisig but script can be pretty much anything. If your pool software doesn't recognize P2SH addresses, the simplest way to fix it is to use script field which shows scriptPubKey for each entry of masternode payments array in getblocktemplate.

And finally, after DIP0003 activation your pool software must be able to produce Coinbase Special Transaction Use coinbase_payload from getblocktemplate to get extra payload needed to construct this transaction.


With further refactoring of PrivateSend code it became possible to implement mixing in few parallel mixing sessions at once from one single wallet. You can set number of mixing sessions via privatesendsessions cmd-line option or dash.conf. You can pick any number of sessions between 1 and 10, default is 4 which should be good enough for most users. For this feature to work you should also make sure that privatesendmultisession is set to 1 via cmd-line or Enable PrivateSend multi-session is enabled in GUI.

Introducing parallel mixing sessions should speed mixing up which makes it reasonable to add a new mixing denom (0.00100001 DASH) now while keeping all the old ones too. It also makes sense to allow more mixing rounds now, so the new default number of rounds is 4 and the maximum number of rounds is 16 now.

You can also adjust rounds and amount via setprivatesendrounds and setprivatesendamount RPC commands which override corresponding cmd-line params (privatesendrounds and privatesendamount respectively).

NOTE: Introducing the new denom and a couple of other changes made it incompatible with mixing on masternodes running on pre-0.13 software. Please keep using 0.12.3 local wallet to mix your coins until there is some significant number of masternodes running on version 0.13 to make sure you have enough masternodes to choose from when the wallet picks one to mix funds on.


With further improvements of networking code it's now possible to handle more load, so we are changing InstantSend to be always-on for so called "simple txes" - transactions with 4 or less inputs. Such transactions will be automatically locked even if they only pay minimal fee. According to stats, this means that up to 90% of currently observed transactions will became automatically locked via InstantSend with no additional cost to end users or any additional effort from wallet developers or other service providers.

This feature is going to be activated via combination of a BIP9-like deployment (we are reusing bit 3) and new spork (SPORK_16_INSTANTSEND_AUTOLOCKS).

Historically, InstantSend transactions were shown in GUI and RPC with more confirmations than regular ones, which caused quite a bit of confusion. This will no longer be the case, instead we are going to show real blockchain confirmations only and a separate indicator to show if transaction was locked via InstantSend or not. For GUI it's color highlight and a new column, for RPC commands - instantlock field and addlocked param.

One of the issues with InstantSend adoption by SPV wallets (besides lack of Deterministic Masternode List) was inability to filter all InstantSend messages the same way transactions are filtered. This should be fixed now and SPV wallets should only get lock votes for transactions they are interested in.

Another popular request was to preserve information about InstantSend locks between wallet restarts, which is now implemented. This data is stored in a new cache file instantsend.dat. You can safely remove it, if you don't need information about recent transaction locks for some reason (NOTE: make sure it's not one of your wallets!).

We also added new ZMQ notifications for double-spend attempts which try to override transactions locked via InstantSend - zmqpubrawinstantsenddoublespend and zmqpubhashinstantsenddoublespend.


There are a couple of new sporks introduced in this version SPORK_15_DETERMINISTIC_MNS_ENABLED (block based) and SPORK_16_INSTANTSEND_AUTOLOCKS (timestamp based). There is aslo SPORK_17_QUORUM_DKG_ENABLED (timestamp based) which is going to be used on testnet only for now.

Spork data is stored in a new cache file (sporks.dat) now.


Introduction of Deterministic Masternodes requires replacing of the old masternode private key which was used both for operating a MN and for voting on proposals with a set of separate keys, preferably fresh new ones. This means that votes casted for proposals by Masternode Owners via the old system will no longer be valid after DIP0003 activation and must be re-casted using the new voting key.

Also, you can now get notifications about governance objects or votes via new ZMQ notifications: zmqpubhashgovernancevote, zmqpubhashgovernanceobject, zmqpubrawgovernancevote and zmqpubhashgovernanceobject.

GUI changes

Masternodes tab has a new section dedicated to DIP0003 registered masternodes now. After DIP0003 activation this will be the only section shown here, the two old sections for non-deterministic masternodes will no longer be available.

There are changes in the way InstantSend transactions are displayed, see InstantSend section above.

Some other (mostly minor) issues were also fixed, see GUI part of Change log section below for detailed list of fixes.

RPC changes

There are a few changes in existing RPC interfaces in this release:

  • gobject prepare allows to send proposal transaction as an InstantSend one and also accepts an UTXO reference to spend;
  • masternode status and masternode list show some DIP0003 related info now;
  • previousbits and coinbase_payload fields were added in getblocktemplate;
  • getblocktemplate now returns an array for masternode payments instead of a single object (miners and mining pools have to upgrade their software to support multiple masternode payees);
  • masternode and superblock payments in getblocktemplate show payee scriptPubKey in script field in addition to payee address in payee;
  • getblockchaininfo shows BIP9 deployment progress;
  • help command subCommand should give detailed help for subcommands e.g. help protx list;
  • compressed option in masternode genkey;
  • dumpwallet shows info about dumped wallet and warns user about security issues;
  • instantlock field added in output of getrawmempool, getmempoolancestors, getmempooldescendants, getmempoolentry, getrawtransaction, decoderawtransaction, gettransaction, listtransactions, listsinceblock;
  • addlocked param added to getreceivedbyaddress, getreceivedbyaccount, getbalance, sendfrom, sendmany, listreceivedbyaddress, listreceivedbyaccount, listaccounts.

There are also new RPC commands:

  • protx (list, info, diff, register, register_fund, register_prepare, register_submit, update_service, update_registrar, revoke);
  • bls generate;
  • setprivatesendrounds;
  • setprivatesendamount.

See help command in rpc for more info.

Command-line options

New cmd-line options:

  • masternodeblsprivkey;
  • minsporkkeys;
  • privatesendsessions;
  • zmqpubrawinstantsenddoublespend;
  • zmqpubhashinstantsenddoublespend;
  • zmqpubhashgovernancevote;
  • zmqpubhashgovernanceobject;
  • zmqpubrawgovernancevote;
  • zmqpubhashgovernanceobject.

Some of them are Devnet only:

  • budgetparams;
  • minimumdifficultyblocks;
  • highsubsidyblocks;
  • highsubsidyfactor.

Few cmd-line options are no longer supported:

  • instantsenddepth;
  • mempoolreplacement.

See Help -> Command-line options in Qt wallet or dashd --help for more info.

Lots of refactoring and bug fixes

A lot of refactoring, code cleanups and other small fixes were done in this release. Change log

See detailed set of changes.


  • 03a6865d9 Enforce correct port on mainnet for DIP3 MNs (#2576)
  • 3f26ed78c Backport network checks missing in CActiveDeterministicMasternodeManager::Init() (#2572)
  • 7c7500864 Also stop asking other peers for a TX when ProcessTxLockRequest fails (#2529)
  • 19a6f718d Don't respond with getdata for legacy inv types when spork15 is active (#2528)
  • 22dcec71a Punish nodes which keep requesting and then rejecting blocks (#2518)
  • a18ca49a2 Disconnect peers with version < 70212 after DIP3 activation via BIP9 (#2497)
  • a57e9dea7 Fix filtering of the lock votes for SPV nodes. (#2468)
  • c6cf4d9a4 Relay txes through MN network faster than through regular nodes (#2397)
  • e66c4e184 Don't revert to INV based block announcements when the previous block is the devnet genesis block (#2388)
  • b5142ee2c Implement RemoveAskFor to indicate that we're not interested in an item anymore (#2384)
  • 53e12b7b4 Don't bail out from ProcessMasternodeConnections in regtest (#2368)
  • 31759a44d Fix tx inv throughput (#2300)
  • 9d90b4fa4 Honor filterInventoryKnown for non-tx/non-block items (#2292)
  • 6764dafec Skip initial masternode list sync if spork 15 is active
  • fced9a4b8 Ban peers that send us MNLISTDIFF messages
  • d3ac86206 Implement GETMNLISTDIFF and MNLISTDIFF P2P messages
  • 40eee1775 Fix sync in regtest (again) (#2241)
  • c4ee2c89e Fix mnsync in regtest (#2202)


  • f96563462 Fix check for nTemporaryTestnetForkDIP3Height (#2508)
  • 80656038f Bump nTemporaryTestnetForkHeight to 274000 (#2498)
  • 1c25356ff Allow to use low difficulty and higher block rewards for devnet (#2369)
  • 3cc4ac137 Fix crash bug with duplicate inputs within a transaction (#2302)
  • e6b699bc2 Enforce MN and superblock payments in same block
  • c7f75afdd Fix nulldummy tests by creating correct DIP4 coinbase transactions
  • bcc071957 Calculate and enforce DIP4 masternodes merkle root in CbTx
  • 0a086898f Implement and enforce CbTx with correct block height and deprecate BIP34


  • a22f1bffe Remove support for "0" as an alternative to "" when the default is requested (#2622) (#2624)
  • 18e1edabf Backport 2618 to v0.13.0.x (#2619)
  • 0dce846d5 Add an option to use specific address as a source of funds in protx rpc commands (otherwise use payoutAddress/operatorPayoutAddress) (#2581)
  • e71ea29e6 Add ownerAddr and votingAddr to CDeterministicMNState::ToJson (#2571)
  • 999a51907 Fix optional revocation reason parameter for "protx revoke" and a few help strings (#2568)
  • c08926146 Unify "protx list" options (#2559)
  • e9f7142ed Bump PROTOCOL_VERSION and DMN_PROTO_VERSION to 70213 (#2557)
  • 818f0f464 Allow consuming specific UTXO in gobject prepare command (#2482)
  • 1270b7122 Use a verbosity instead of two verbose parameters (#2506)
  • f6f6d075d Still support "protx list" and "protx diff" when wallet is disabled at compile time (#2511)
  • 5a3f64310 Deserialize CFinalCommitmentTxPayload instead of CFinalCommitment in TxToJSON (#2510)
  • 5da4c9728 Use "registered" as default for "protx list" (#2513)
  • fc6d651c4 Fix crashes in "protx" RPCs when wallet is disabled (#2509)
  • ba49a4a16 Trivial: protx fund_register RPC help corrections (#2502)
  • 45421b1a3 Add IS parameter for gobject prepare (#2452)
  • 2ba1ff521 Use ParseFixedPoint instead of ParseDoubleV in "protx register" commands (#2458)
  • e049f9c1e fix protx register rpc help (#2461)
  • eb2103760 trivail, clarifies help text for protx register (#2462)
  • 76e93c7d7 Corrections to incorrect syntax in RPC help (#2466)
  • 3c1f44c3a Make sure protx_update_registrar adds enough funds for the fees
  • d130f25ac Fix check for number of params to protx_update_service (#2443)
  • adf9c87e2 Fix protx/bls rpc help (#2438)
  • 579c83e88 Add coinbase_payload to getblocktemplate help (#2437)
  • 3685c85e7 Show BIP9 progress in getblockchaininfo (#2435)
  • da3e3db4d Fix sub-command help for masternode, gobject and protx rpcs (#2425)
  • adad3fcfe RPC: protx help corrections (#2422)
  • 1d56dffda Unify help display logic for various "complex" rpc commands (#2415)
  • 02442673d Trivial: Correct protx diff RPC help (#2410)
  • 1f56600c4 Trivial: Protx operator reward clarification (#2407)
  • 7011fec1b RPC: Add help details for the bls RPC (#2403)
  • 50f133ad0 Add merkle tree and coinbase transaction to the protx diff rpc command (#2392)
  • 25b6dae9e Code style and RPC help string cleanups for DIP2/DIP3 (#2379)
  • 0ad2906c5 Clarify addlocked description in getbalance RPC (#2364)
  • 547b81dd0 log gobject prepare params (#2317)
  • d932d2c4e Add instantlock field to getrawtransaction rpc output (#2314)
  • c3d6b0651 Remove redundant check for unknown commands in masternode RPC (#2279)
  • 44706dc88 Implement projection of MN reward winners in "masternode winners"
  • 2d8f1244c Implement 'masternode info ' RPC
  • e2a9dbbce Better "masternode status" for deterministic masternodes
  • 50ac6fb3a Throw exception when trying to invoke start-xxx RPC in deterministic mode
  • 58aa81364 Implement "protx revoke" RPC
  • 185416b97 Implement "protx update_registrar" RPC
  • 32951f795 Implement "protx update_service" RPC
  • 5e3abeca2 Implement "protx list" RPC
  • c77242346 Implement "protx register" RPC
  • 1c2565804 Refactor masternode and gobject RPCs to support help command subCommand syntax (#2240)
  • fb4d301a2 Add extraPayloadSize/extraPayload fields to RPC help
  • 2997d6d26 add compressed option to masternode genkey (#2232)
  • 98ed90cbb adds rpc calls for setprivatesendrounds and setprivatesendamount (#2230)
  • 50eb98d90 Prepare for DIP3 operator reward payments and switch to array in getblocktemplate (#2216)
  • a959f60aa De-duplicate "gobject vote-alias" and "gobject "vote-many" code (#2217)
  • 566fa5ec3 Add support for "help command subCommand" (#2210)
  • 4cd969e3d Add previousbits field to getblocktemplate output (#2201)
  • ac30196bc Show some info about the wallet dumped via dumpwallet (#2191)

LLMQ and Deterministic Masternodes

  • a3b01dfbe Gracefully shutdown on evodb inconsistency instead of crashing (#2611) (#2620)
  • 3861c6a82 Add BIP9 deployment for DIP3 on mainnet (#2585)
  • 587911b36 Fix IsBlockPayeeValid (#2577)
  • 3c30a6aff Add missing masternodeblsprivkey help text (#2569)
  • 378dadd0f Ensure EvoDB consistency for quorum commitments by storing the best block hash (#2537)
  • 2127a426b Further refactoring of CQuorumBlockProcessor (#2545)
  • 1522656d6 Correctly handle spent collaterals for MNs that were registered in the same block (#2553)
  • 583035337 Track operator key changes in mempool and handle conflicts (#2540)
  • 88f7bf0d8 Don't delete/add values to the unique property map when it's null (#2538)
  • 15414dac2 Refactor CQuorumBlockProcessor and CDeterministicMNManager (#2536)
  • d9b28fe1a Introduce dummy (ping-like) contributions for the dummy DKG (#2542)
  • df0d0cce7 Watch for changes in operator key and disable local MN (#2541)
  • 511dc3714 Remove ProTxs from mempool that refer to a ProRegTx for which the collateral was spent (#2539)
  • 225c2135e Allow skipping of MN payments with zero duffs (#2534)
  • 60867978d Avoid printing DIP3/DIP4 related logs twice (#2525)
  • 7037f7c99 Bail out from GetBlockTxOuts in case nBlockHeight is above tip+1 (#2523)
  • 022491420 Print the state object when ProcessSpecialTxsInBlock fails in ConnectBlock (#2516)
  • 812834dc5 Put height into mined commitments and use it instead of the special handling of quorumVvecHash (#2501)
  • a4f5ba38b Implement CDummyDKG and CDummyCommitment until we have the real DKG merged (#2492)
  • 66612cc4b Add 0 entry to vTxSigOps when adding quorum commitments (#2489)
  • f5beeafa1 Also restart MNs which didn't have the collateral moved, but do it later (#2483)
  • 0123517b4 Implement PoSe based on information from LLMQ commitments (#2478)
  • 22b5952c5 Implement and enforce DIP6 commitments (#2477)
  • d40a5ce31 Properly initialize confirmedHash in CSimplifiedMNListEntry (#2479)
  • 5ffc31bce Forbid version=0 in special TXs (#2473)
  • 85157f9a9 Few trivial fixes for DIP2/DIP3 (#2474)
  • b5947f299 Implement BuildSimplifiedDiff in CDeterministicMNList
  • 6edad3745 Use ForEachMN and GetMN in BuildDiff instead of directly accessing mnMap
  • 83aac461b Allow P2SH/multisig addresses for operator rewards
  • f5864254c Do not use keyIDCollateralAddress anymore when spork15 is active
  • 5ccf556f3 GetMasternodeInfo with payee argument should do nothing when DIP3 is active
  • 927e8bd79 Also forbid reusing collateral key for owner/voting keys
  • 826e7d063 Move internal collateral check to the else branch of the external collateral check
  • dc404e755 Allow P2SH for payout scripts
  • 9adf8ad73 Remove restriction that forced use of same addresses for payout and collateral
  • 7c1f11089 Revert #2441 and retry fixing (#2444)
  • 6761fa49f More checks for tx type
  • b84369663 Be more specific about tx version in conditions
  • c975a986b no cs_main in specialtxes
  • 8bd5b231b Log mempool payload errors instead of crashing via assert
  • 658b7afd1 Make error messages re payload a bit more specific
  • 153afb906 Restart MNs in DIP3 tests even if collateral has not moved (#2441)
  • 4ad2f647c Use proTxHash instead of outpoint when calculating masternode scores (#2440)
  • c27e62935 Allow reusing of external collaterals in DIP3 (#2427)
  • 9da9d575a Allow collaterals for non-DIP3 MNs which were created after DIP3/BIP9 activation (#2412)
  • 30a2b283a Sign ProRegTx collaterals with a string message instead of payload hash, split protx register into prepare/submit (#2395)
  • e34701295 Fix crash when deterministic MN list is empty and keep paying superblocks in this case (#2387)
  • 28a6007a4 Prepare DIP3 for testnet and reuse DIP3 deployment for autoix deployment (#2389)
  • e3df91082 Allow referencing other TX outputs for ProRegTx collateral (#2366)
  • fdfb07742 Update ProRegTx serialization order (#2378)
  • eaa856eb7 Remove nProtocolVersion and add mode/type fields to DIP3 (#2358)
  • c9d274518 Use BLS keys for the DIP3 operator key (#2352)
  • eaef90202 Don't use boost range adaptors in CDeterministicMNList (#2327)
  • 6adc236d0 Only use dataDir in CEvoDB when not in-memory (#2291)
  • 8a878bfcf Call InitializeCurrentBlockTip and activeMasternodeManager->Init after importing has finished (#2286)
  • 6b3d65028 After DIP3 activation, allow voting with voting keys stored in your wallet (#2281)
  • d8247dfff Use refactored payment logic when spork15 is active
  • 60002b7dd Payout and enforce operator reward payments
  • 2c481f0f8 Implement deterministic version of CMasternodePayments::IsScheduled
  • 19fbf8ab7 Move cs_main lock from CMasternode::UpdateLastPaid to CMasternodeMan
  • dc7292afa Implement new MN payments logic and add compatibility code
  • d4530eb7d Put all masternodes in MASTERNODE_ENABLED state when spork15 is active
  • 31b4f8354 Forbid starting of legacy masternodes with non matching ProTx collateral values
  • 5050a9205 Add compatibility code for FindRandomNotInVec and GetMasternodeScores
  • cc73422f8 Add methods to add/remove (non-)deterministic MNs
  • 7d14566bc Add compatibility code to CMasternodeMan so that old code is still compatible
  • 27e8b48a6 Stop executing legacy MN list code when spork 15 is activated
  • d90b13996 Implement CActiveDeterministicMasternodeManager
  • a5e65aa37 Erase mnListCache entry on UndoBlock (#2254)
  • 88e7888de Try using cache in GetListForBlock before reading from disk (#2253)
  • 9653af2f3 Classes, validation and update logic for CProUpRevTX
  • 1c68d1107 Classes, validation and update logic for CProUpRegTX
  • 8aca3b040 Also check duplicate addresses for CProUpServTX in CTxMemPool
  • 923fd6739 Implement CProUpServTx logic in CDeterministicMNManager
  • 6ec0d7aea Classes and basic validation of ProUpServTx
  • 255403e92 Include proTx data in json formatted transactions
  • 25545fc1e Split keyIDMasternode into keyIDOwner/keyIDOperator/keyIDVoting (#2248)
  • 2c172873a Don't allow non-ProTx masternode collaterals after DIP3 activation
  • 9e8a86714 Implementation of deterministic MNs list
  • 76fd30894 Automatically lock ProTx collaterals when TX is added/loaded to wallet
  • cdd723ede Conflict handling for ProRegTx in mempool
  • 958b84ace Implementation of ProRegTx with basic validation (no processing)
  • c9a72e888 Introduce CEvoDB for all evo related things, e.g. DIP3
  • 4531f6b89 Implement CDBTransaction and CScopedDBTransaction
  • e225cebcd Use previous block for CheckSpecialTx (#2243)
  • b92bd8997 Fix mninfo search by payee (#2233)
  • 8af7f6223 Account for extraPayload when calculating fees in FundTransaction
  • b606bde9a Support version 3 transaction serialization in
  • 61bbe54ab Add Get-/SetTxPayload helpers
  • cebf71bbc Stubs for special TX validation and processing
  • d6c5a72e2 Basic validation of version 3 TXs in CheckTransaction
  • a3c4ee3fd DIP2 changes to CTransaction and CMutableTransaction
  • d20100ecd DIP0003 deployment
  • 4d3518fe0 Refactor MN payee logic in preparation for DIP3 (#2215)
  • d946f21bd Masternode related refactorings in preparation of DIP3 (#2212)


  • 07309f0ec Allow up to MASTERNODE_MAX_MIXING_TXES (5) DSTXes per MN in a row (#2552)
  • ed53fce47 Revert "Apply similar logic to vecMasternodesUsed" (#2503)
  • 69bffed72 Do not sort resulting vector in SelectCoinsGroupedByAddresses (#2493)
  • bb11f1a63 Fix recent changes in DSA conditions (#2494)
  • 6480ad1d5 Should check dsq queue regardless of the mixing state (#2491)
  • 67483cd34 Fix dsq/dsa conditions (#2487)
  • 9d4df466b Fix CreateDenominated failure for addresses with huge amount of inputs (#2486)
  • 2b400f74b Base dsq/dstx thresholold on total number of up to date masternodes (#2465)
  • 262454791 Add 5th denom, drop deprecated logic and bump min PS version (#2318)
  • 23f169c44 Drop custom PS logic for guessing fees etc. from SelectCoins (#2371)
  • f7b0b5759 Pick rounds with the most inputs available to mix first (#2278)
  • 727e940c0 Fix recently introduced PS bugs (#2330)
  • 85a958a36 Drop dummy copy constructors in CPrivateSend*Session (#2305)
  • c6a0c5541 A couple of small fixes for mixing collaterals (#2294)
  • d192d642f Move heavy coin selection out of the loop in SubmitDenominate (#2274)
  • 28e0476f4 Squash two logic branches in SubmitDenominate into one (#2270)
  • 9b6eb4765 Include inputs with max rounds in SelectCoinsDark/SelectCoinsByDenominations (#2277)
  • 55d7bb900 Add an option to disable popups for PS mixing txes (#2272)
  • 38ccfef3b Identify PS collateral payments in transaction list a bit more accurate (#2271)
  • ad31dbbd7 Add more variance to coin selection in PS mixing (#2261)
  • 8c9cb2909 Revert 2075 (#2259)
  • b164bcc7a Split PS into Manager and Session and allow running multiple mixing sessions in parallel (client side) (#2203)
  • d4d11476a Fix typo and grammar in PS error message (#2199)
  • a83ab5501 Fix wallet lock check in DoAutomaticDenominating (#2196)
  • 30fa8bc33 Make sure pwalletMain is not null whenever it's used in PS client (#2190)
  • 3c89983db Remove DarksendConfig (#2132)
  • 43091a3ef PrivateSend Enhancement: Up default round count to 4 and allow user to mix up to 16 rounds (#2128)


  • 35550a3f9 Add quorumModifierHash to instant send lock vote (#2505)
  • fa8f4a10c Include masternodeProTxHash in CTxLockVote (#2484)
  • 624e50949 Remove few leftovers of -instantsenddepth
  • 733cd9512 Remove global fDIP0003ActiveAtTip and fix wrong use of VersionBitsState in auto IX (#2380)
  • 5454bea37 Automatic InstantSend locks for "simple" transactions (#2140)
  • 1e74bcace [ZMQ] Notify when an IS double spend is attempted (#2262)
  • 6bcd868de Fix lockedByInstantSend initialization (#2197)
  • 0a6f47323 Remove dummy confirmations in RPC API and GUI for InstantSend transactions (#2040)
  • ace980834 Extend Bloom Filter support to InstantSend related messages (#2184)
  • 2c0d4c9d7 Save/load InstantSend cache (#2051)


  • 33f78d70e Do not accept sporks with nTimeSigned way too far into the future (#2578)
  • 6c4b3ed8d Load sporks before checking blockchain (#2573)
  • d94092b60 Fix spork propagation while in IBD and fix spork integration tests (#2533)
  • 43e757bee Amend SERIALIZATION_VERSION_STRING string for spork cache (#2339)
  • f7ab6c469 M-of-N-like sporks (#2288)
  • c2958733e CSporkManager::Clear() should not alter sporkPubKeyID and sporkPrivKey (#2313)
  • 8c0dca282 Add versioning to spork cache (#2312)
  • 5461e92bf Add spork to control deterministic MN lists activation
  • 73c2ddde7 extract sporkmanager from sporkmessage (#2234)
  • 1767e3457 Save/load spork cache (#2206)
  • 075ca0903 Protect CSporkManager with critical section (#2213)


  • 222e5b4f7 Remove proposal/funding votes from MNs that changed the voting key (#2570)
  • 5185dd5b7 Use correct time field when removing pre-DIP3 votes (#2535)
  • d2ca9edde Fix multiple issues with governance voting after spork15 activation (#2526)
  • 08dc17871 Drop pre-DIP3 votes from current votes per MN per object (#2524)
  • 0c1b683a0 Clear votes which were created before spork15 activation and use operator key for non-funding votes (#2512)
  • da4b5fb16 Remove an unused function from governance object collateral code (#2480)
  • 8deb8e90f Modernize Gov Methods (#2326)
  • 0471fa884 Drop MAX_GOVERNANCE_OBJECT_DATA_SIZE (and maxgovobjdatasize in rpc) (#2298)
  • 737353c84 Fix IsBlockValueValid/IsOldBudgetBlockValueValid (#2276)
  • a5643f899 Switch RequestGovernanceObjectVotes from pointers to hashes (#2189)
  • 0e689341d Implement Governance ZMQ notification messages (#2160)


  • 858bb52ad Show correct operator payee address in DIP3 MN list GUI (#2563)
  • 190863722 Remove legacy MN list tabs on spork15 activation (#2567)
  • 3e97b0cbd Make sure that we can get inputType and fUseInstantSend regardless of the way recipients are sorted (#2550)
  • 1a7c29b97 Revert "Sort recipients in SendCoins dialog via BIP69 rule (#2546)" (#2549)
  • ca0aec2a3 Match recipients with txouts by scriptPubKey in reassignAmounts() (#2548)
  • 09730e1c5 Bail out from update methods in MasternodeList when shutdown is requested (#2551)
  • 18cd5965c Sort recipients in SendCoins dialog via BIP69 rule (#2546)
  • 9100c69eb Allow filtering by proTxHash on DIP3 MN tab (#2532)
  • 216119921 Fix wrong total MN count in UI and "masternode count" RPC (#2527)
  • 8f8878a94 Add dummy/hidden column to carry the proTxHash per MN list entry... (#2530)
  • a4ea816b2 use aqua gui theme (#2472)
  • aa495405b [GUI] Realign tx filter widgets (#2485)
  • f4ef388de Update PS help text for the new denom (#2471)
  • 7cabbadef Implement context menu and extra info on double-click for DIP3 masternode list (#2459)
  • 9232a455c Do not hold cs_main while emitting messages in WalletModel::prepareTransaction (#2463)
  • cf2b547b7 Implement tab for DIP3 MN list (#2454)
  • 46462d682 Add a column for IS lock status on Transactions tab (#2433)
  • 5ecd91b05 Fix ps collateral/denom creation tx category confusion (#2430)
  • 4a78b161f PrivateSend spending txes should have "outgoing" icon on overview screen (#2396)
  • d7e210341 Fixes inaccurate round count in CoinControlDialog (#2137)


  • b5670c475 Set CLIENT_VERSION_IS_RELEASE to true (#2591)
  • a05eeb21e Update immer to c89819df92191d6969a6a22c88c72943b8e25016 (#2626)
  • 10b3736bd [0.13.0.x] Translations201901 (#2592)
  • 34d2a6038 Release notes draft (#2583)
  • c950a8f51 Merge v0.12.3.4 commits into develop (#2582)
  • 6dfceaba5 Force FlushStateToDisk on ConnectTip/DisconnectTip while not in IBD (#2560)
  • 552d9089e Update testnet seeds to point to MNs that are on the new chain (#2558)
  • 63b58b1e9 Reintroduce BLSInit to correctly set secure alloctor callbacks (#2543)
  • cbd030352 Serialize the block header in CBlockHeader::GetHash() (#2531)
  • 3a6bd8d23 Call ProcessTick every second, handle tick cooldown inside (#2522)
  • 973a7f6dd Fix GUI warnings in debug.log (#2521)
  • c248c48e4 Try to fix a few sporadic instant send failures in DIP3 tests (#2500)
  • 7a709b81d Perform less instant send tests in DIP3 tests (#2499)
  • 245c3220e Sync blocks before creating TXs (#2496)
  • 65528e9e7 Bump masternodeman cache version (#2467)
  • 6c190d1bb Fix make deploy error on macos (#2475)
  • df7d12b41 Add univalue test for real numbers (#2460)
  • 614ff70b4 Let ccache compress the cache by itself instead of compressing ccache.tar (#2456)
  • 40fa1bb49 Add platform dependent include_directories in CMakeLists.txt (#2455)
  • 12aba2592 Updating translations for de, es, fi, nl, pt, sk, zh_CN, zh_TW (#2451)
  • 52bf5a6b0 Install libxkbcommon0 in gitian-linux.yml
  • fefe34250 Update manpages
  • c60687fe6 Sleep longer between attempts in sync_blocks
  • 88498ba13 Apply suggestions from code review
  • 91af72b18 Allow to specify how log to sleep between attempts in wait_until
  • f65e74682 Pass "-parallel=3" to reduce load on Travis nodes while testing
  • 3c99d9e35 Fix test_fail_create_protx in DIP3 tests
  • 4de70f0ac Test P2SH/multisig payee addresses in DIP3 tests
  • 5fc4072ca Parallel ASN resolve and allow passing of input file names to (#2432)
  • 76a38f6ce Update defaultAssumeValid, nMinimumChainWork and checkpoints (#2428)
  • 0e9ad207a Update hardcoded seeds (#2429)
  • 42ee369b1 [Formatting] masternodelist.* clang+manual format (#2426)
  • e961c7134 Translations 201811 (#2249)
  • f0df5bffa Clang evo folder and activemasternode.* (#2418)
  • 98bdf35f9 bump PS copyright (#2417)
  • e9bb822c1 Clang format PrivateSend files (#2373)
  • bea590958 Fix auto-IS tests (#2414)
  • f03629d6d Explicitly specify which branch of Wine to install (#2411)
  • 5e829a3b1 Update Chia bls-signature to latest version (#2409)
  • 51addf9a0 Fix test (#2408)
  • 7e8f07bb9 A couple of fixes for shutdown sequence (#2406)
  • 9c455caea A couple of fixes for init steps (#2405)
  • 6560ac64b Properly escape $ in Jenkinsfile.gitian (#2404)
  • 70eb710b1 Undefine DOUBLE after include Chia BLS headers (#2400)
  • 052af81b4 Ensure correct order of destruction for BLS secure allocator (#2401)
  • c8804ea5a Do not ignore patches in depends (#2399)
  • 13f2eb449 Force fvisibility=hidden when compiling on macos (#2398)
  • 9eb9c99d5 Bump version to 0.13.0 (#2386)
  • 8f9b004ca Support "fast" mode when calling sync_masternodes (#2383)
  • fcea333ba Rewrite handling of too long depends builds in .travis.yml (#2385)
  • d1debfc26 Implement mt_pooled_secure_allocator and use it for BLS secure allocation (#2375)
  • 0692de1c5 Fix prepare_masternodes/create_masternodes in DashTestFramework (#2382)
  • 6433a944a [Trivial] typo Groupped -> Grouped (#2374)
  • 59932401b Change internal references of Darksend to PrivateSend (#2372)
  • e3046adb3 Clear devNetParams and mimic behavior of other param types (#2367)
  • de426e962 Give tail calls enough time to print errors (#2376)
  • 0402240a2 Bump CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD to 14 in CMakeLists.txt (#2377)
  • 3c9237aa4 Use VersionBitsState instead of VersionBitsTipState to avoid cs_main lock (#2370)
  • c4351fd32 revert 737, DEFAULT_TRANSACTION_MAXFEE = 0.1 * COIN (#2362)
  • 1c9ed7806 GDB automation with Python script to measure memory usage in dashd (#1609)
  • d998dc13e Add cmake to non-mac gitian descriptors (#2360)
  • 266dd3232 mkdir -p to allow re-start of failed chia build (#2359)
  • 11a0cbf84 InstantSend-related tests refactoring (#2333)
  • 3313bbd51 Backport bitcoin #13623 Migrate to python (#2319)
  • 7b76bbb57 Update Chia BLS libs to latest master (#2357)
  • e2de632f8 Move handling of size != SerSize into SetBuf/GetBuf (#2356)
  • 81d60bc28 Fix the issue with transaction amount precision in IS tests (#2353)
  • a45055384 Fix qt configure to detect clang version correctly (#2344)
  • b99d94a0f Minor build documentation updates (#2343)
  • 464191698 Review fixes
  • 9c8e4ac76 Move bls stuff from crypto/ to bls/
  • bed1ded8b Remove duplicated check (#2336)
  • 89f744d06 pack of small cleanup fixes / optimizations (#2334)
  • 9603c5290 Trivial: Codestyle fixes in InstantSend code (#2332)
  • 90ad75911 Fix auto-IS and tests (#2331)
  • b3fc236af Fix mnodeman.cs vs cs_vPendingMasternodes vs cs_main deadlock (#2200)
  • 80fd096b0 Add ECDSA benchmarks
  • 78675d9bb Add BLS and DKG benchmarks
  • 3ee27c168 Add highly parallelized worker/helper for BLS/DKG calculations
  • aa3b0aa8a Add simple helpers/wrappers for BLS+AES based integrated encryption schemes (IES)
  • 9ccf6f584 Implement wrappers around Chia BLS lib
  • 3039d44d3 Add Chia bls-signatures library to depends
  • f3dcb6916 Add cmake to ci/Dockerfile.builder
  • 057d7445e Add libgmp to depends
  • b0d0093d7 Add helper to rename all threads of a ctpl::thread_pool
  • 47a162255 Add ctpl header only library
  • 407baccec Remove obsolete (#2328)
  • 8a1b51356 Backport: Fix Qt build with XCode (for depends) (#2325)
  • a5aca049d rename vars in mnsync to make more sense (#2308)
  • ee6a5a33b Gov cleanup + copyright bump (#2324)
  • d7e5f02ea Update build documentation (#2323)
  • bd8c54d12 A bit more verbosity for some critical errors (#2316)
  • a4ff2a19a Fix some warnings and do a couple of other trivial cleanups (#2315)
  • 07208a4ae document spork system with doxygen comments (#2301)
  • 2c1a17909 cleanup: remove unused vars, includes, functions (#2306)
  • 3d48824b4 Update .clang-format to more accurately show the actual style (#2299)
  • 8ea40102c Remove leftover RBF code from BTC (#2297)
  • 76599aad3 Drop (pre-)70208 compatibility code (#2295)
  • 016681cd3 Add support for serialization of bitsets and tuples (#2293)
  • 2a95dd30c Fix locking issues in DIP3 unit tests (#2285)
  • 47ca06ab3 DIP3 integration tests (#2280)
  • ad6c2893c Docs - Update Core version number in readme files (#2267)
  • bc7924d41 Add unit tests for DIP3 and DIP4
  • d653ace99 Update CbTx in TestChainSetup
  • 9674be8f9 Refactor TestChain100Setup to allow different test chain setups
  • cb37c3972 Bump PROTOCOLVERSION to 70211, bump MIN* protocols to 70210 (#2256)
  • b99886532 add link for developer-notes in contributing (#2260)
  • fded838c9 RPC folder: Cleaned up brackets on if, while, for, BOOST_FOREACH. Some whitespace fixes (#2257)
  • 5295c78cc Fix typo in "penalty" (#2247)
  • c566ce75d Update copyright in specialtx.h/cpp
  • e002c50b0 Add "immer" functional/immutable containers library (#2244)
  • 799e3c312 Perform Jenkins builds in /dash-src all the time to fix caching issues (#2242)
  • b6896387a Move DIP1 transaction size checks out of ContextualCheckBlock and use ContextualCheckTransaction instead (#2238)
  • e415fd049 Revert CMasternodePayments::IsTransactionValid to the logic before the recent refactorings (#2237)
  • 8da88ecf6 Don't crash when formatting in logging throws exceptions (#2231)
  • 2e06f8133 fix missed format parameter (#2229)
  • 3d654b981 Build bionic base image in Jenkinsfile.gitian & update docs (#2226)
  • c09f57bd7 Backport move to Ubuntu Bionic and GCC7 in Gitian builds (#2225)
  • 7cf9572c2 Backport Bitcoin #11881: Remove Python2 support (#2224)
  • 633879cd2 Only use version 1 and 2 transactions for sighash_tests (#2219)
  • 2d4e18537 Some useful commits from the DIP3 PR in regard to integration tests (#2218)
  • 106bab1ae Add new ParseXXX methods to easily parse UniValue values (#2211)
  • c4c610783 Use C++14 standard when building (#2209)
  • 589a77013 Correction to release date for 0.12.0 (#2205)
  • 96435288f Move block template specific stuff from CBlock to CBlockTemplate (#2195)
  • 3d002c946 Fix active masternode task schedule (#2193)
  • 65b904526 Add helpers GetSentinelString() and GetDaemonString() to CMasternodePing (#2192)
  • eb202e812 Use ccache in gitian builds (#2185)
  • b47617325 Install python3 in gitian builds (#2182)
  • 7a85e24c3 Remove deprecated gitian-rpi2.yml descriptor (#2183)
  • 1681d6366 Replace Dash-specific threads with Dash-specific scheduled tasks (#2043)
  • dac090964 remove dns seed entry (#2181)
  • 753c2436b Fix MissingPropertyException on Jenkins when no cache was found (#2180)
  • f3e380659 Move to in-docker CI builds and add Jenkins support (#2178)
  • 23dde9f12 Remove a few annoying debug prints from CMasternodeMan (#2179)
  • 5036d7dfc depends: Update Qt download url (#2177)
  • e23339d6f use nullptr in Dash-specific code (#2166)
  • 42c193df0 replace map count/insert w/emplace in instantx.cpp (#2165)
  • fd70a1eb9 iterator cleanup in several places (#2164)
  • df1be90ce Update links to obsolete documentation (#2162)
  • 448e92f4a GetOutPointPrivateSendRounds readability (#2149)
  • 6da2837bd InstantSend Integration tests (#2141)
  • 8ee9333bc remove boost dependency from Dash-specific code (#2072)
  • a527845e4 Bump to pre-release (#2167)


Thanks to everyone who directly contributed to this release:

  • Alexander Block
  • UdjinM6
  • PastaPastaPasta
  • gladcow
  • Nathan Marley
  • thephez
  • strophy
  • PaulieD
  • InhumanPerfection
  • Spencer Lievens
  • -k
  • Salisbury
  • Solar Designer
  • Oleg Girko
  • Anton Suprunchuk

As well as everyone that submitted issues, reviewed pull requests or helped translating on Transifex.

Older releases

Dash was previously known as Darkcoin.

Darkcoin tree 0.8.x was a fork of Litecoin tree 0.8, original name was XCoin which was first released on Jan/18/2014.

Darkcoin tree 0.9.x was the open source implementation of masternodes based on the 0.8.x tree and was first released on Mar/13/2014.

Darkcoin tree 0.10.x used to be the closed source implementation of Darksend which was released open source on Sep/25/2014.

Dash Core tree 0.11.x was a fork of Bitcoin Core tree 0.9, Darkcoin was rebranded to Dash.

Dash Core tree 0.12.0.x was a fork of Bitcoin Core tree 0.10.

Dash Core tree 0.12.1.x was a fork of Bitcoin Core tree 0.12.

These release are considered obsolete. Old release notes can be found here: